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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive care is the best type of care that dentistry has to offer. We see our patients on a regular basis for routine check-ups. Our hygienist takes time with a thorough cleaning to maintain your oral health and if anything unusual is found, we will schedule you for an appointment to get it taken care of immediately. Prevention is key and our office takes pride in placing a strong emphasis on preventive dentistry.

Dental caries is a preventable disease. At first, one may not be aware of being infected with a cavity as it can be small and perhaps asymptomatic. However, with a clinical exam and digital radiograph, a cavity can be detected. If discovered early on, the dental decay can be treated with a small filling. As the cavity gets larger, however, it will definitely become symptomatic which may then require more extensive dental treatment. Hence, our goal is to find these cavities early on to preserve the integrity of your remaining tooth structure.

Teeth sensitivity, also known as “Dental Hypersensitivity,” can be caused by various factors, such as gum recession, tooth wear, bleaching, grinding, and more. A thorough examination and a recollection of the patient’s symptomatic history is necessary to determine the root cause of sensitivity. At home treatments and desensitizing toothpaste can alleviate minor symptoms if indicated, however, treatment will ultimately vary depending on the findings.

Gum disease, also known as “Periodontal Disease,” is an inflammatory process affecting the bone and tissues that support the teeth. Early onset of gum disease is known as “gingivitis” which can be seen as swollen, red, and bleeding gums. This can be preventable with good oral hygiene practices. If not treated, the gum disease process can progress risking bone loss and possible tooth loss. See our hygienist on a regular basis for cleanings and she can demonstrate good oral hygiene practices to prevent gum disease, such as gingivitis. Good oral hygiene practices can also help keep your breath stay fresh!

The surfaces of your teeth contain nooks and crannies known as “pits and fissures.” These grooves are difficult to keep clean due to the nature of its size where food/bacteria trap, making it prone to dental decay. Dental sealants can be placed over these “pits and fissures” to make a rough surface into a smooth one. The sealant covered teeth prevent food from getting trapped and makes it easier for the patient to keep clean to prevent dental caries.

Fluoride can be applied onto surfaces to prevent dental caries by helping to remineralize teeth. Most public water supplies in the United States contains fluoride, but it can also be can be dispensed as a toothpaste, liquid, or tablet form. Fluoride helps to remineralize teeth by decreasing the bacterial activity which breaks down the teeth releasing acids. However, caution must be taken not to consume fluoride in large amounts as it can lead to fluoride poisoning. Please consult with your dentist about fluoride treatment.

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